Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I kind of changed my idea a little half way through the process. I decided not to paint the image on the front of them. As I was working on this, people would see it and say "Wow that's really cool!" and I would tell them my plan to paint the image on the front and everyone said it looked good how it was, just plain and simple. After hearing this about 10 different times, I contemplated leaving it blank, and how I'm a very organized, plan-oriented person, and how for once I didn't have to go according to plan and I should just leave the boxes white as a kind of finished/unfinished idea. So it became a personal narrative of me going outside my barriers and doing something I wouldn't normally do.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bianca's Repetition Project

For my project I made maps out of cameras. One day I would like to travel to all 50 states, as well as other countries, and photograph my experiences. The front of the lens has a city I've been to since I developed an interest in photography. On the back of the camera there is a photo I've taken in the city that is on the lens.
My project is based on the Combat Action Ribbon, I used photos of my family to make up the ribbon. Kind of like a what was I fighting for sort of thing.

Origami and Chopstick Bonsai Tree

For my repetition project, I decided to focus on the involvement I've had with Japan for the last 5 years. My family has hosted Japanese exchange students almost every summer, and I had the opportunity to go to Japan on a mission trip through my church last November.
All my materials are iconic of Japan, origami cranes, chopsticks, a bonsai tree. I wrote words, sayings and bible verses that relate to my experiences, in both Japanese and English on the chopsticks. I was hoping this would give the tree a more bark like effect. On the pot, I decoupaged copies of letters from a few of my students.
Because these students and my trip to Japan are so close to my heart, I really wanted to make a piece that would be representational of that and I could keep and display somewhere in my house without having it look too out of place.
Shoulder Pads made out of masks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Modular Unit and Repetition Project

Puppet show! Stage and puppets: I used colored post it notes to cover the stage (repetition) and bristol paper and puff paint for the puppets. I also used some fabric to make curtains. (I can explain what the puppets are tomorrow during critique)